A downloadable game for Windows

Selnderman Evolved takes place in a dark forrest,

The objective is to find Slendermans bones throughout the level, and return them to his grave.

Once that's done you enter the maze to retrieve a gas can and a torch to burn his remains within the grave. 

This is a very simple game, as it's my first project. 

It's not very polished,  but the creepiness is there, and it's worth a play if you like to be scared. 

To Do:
Remove foliage from odd areas
Optimize performance 
Add a better Ending.
Polish the Effect when you are caught by the Slenderman.

Toggle Flashlight : F
Pickup/Use Item: E
Move: WASD
Look around: Mouse

Install instructions

1. Unzip The SlenderEvolved.Zip Package
2. Run "SlenderEvolved.exe"


SlenderEvolved.zip 582 MB


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Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and was not very impressed with this game as a whole. The main issue i have with this game, was the jumpscare. Here's my video if you wanna watch me complain 

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Got a great laugh out of your playthrough. 

This was my game so it is definitely rough. Was sad to see you didn't finish it. If you follow the road from the graveyard entrance, you will find the maze. 

Id like to give you some feedback as well. 

As a viewer on YouTube, it's kind of a downer to watch someone playthrough a game and give up after the slightest difficulty in the game. I understand the games you have played here are not the most interesting for you(or polished), and as the viewer I can feel that, so it makes it a little hard to watch. 

You started off with a negative attitude about the games you were playing, perhaps you should playthrough something you have more enthusiasm about? People really pick up on these things and are generally looking to watch someone enjoy themselves. 

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to give it a try regardless. Next time around I will consider your criticism, however as a solo developer it is common to outsource 3D modeling.It was a very shitty jumpscare, and I admit I was finishing the game and got very lazy. I should take the time to finish these things before release.

Thanks again. 

Hey, Thanks for the reply. All very good points.
One thing that you need to understand though is. I've been playing bad indie horror games on my channel for a couple years now and i'm to the point where, most of the games i download from itch, I'm more than certain, aren't going to be very good. Does that mean they can't be made better? No, Does that mean the dev can't make good games? No. If you can make that, you can improve it and or make a better game for sure. I see a lot of potential in your capabilities, but when you play the same garbage day after day, it's hard to come into it with a positive attitude, And the whole slender video in general i did for a meme anyways, lol. Hints the "No review at the end". And people really like how brutally honest i am in my reviews. I could had ripped into your game, but would it had helped? Well that depends on if i did my job right. but i chose not to this time around. As a developer myself, i sympathise with you, i do. Games are hard to make and take time and effort. I appreciate you watching my video and i know it hurts when someone doesn't like your content. But at the end of the day, it all a matter of opinion. I'm working on changing up my content a bit as i'm getting tired of talking shit about bad games, and only a handful of devs have really paid any attention to my feedback anyways. I don't enjoy playing them and they don't listen, so what's the point? 

To end this, I'd like to say, that i'm pretty good in UE4 and most programs used to make games if you'd like any help or tips or even just some feedback on things before release. Hmu, If not that's cool. Keep at it and keep improving! I'm looking forward to it!

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Best Slenderman game I played. Really nice concept dev. :)

One thing I really want to share that please optimize the game because its lagging and dropping frames at some place. 1060 6GB isn't enough to play this game smoothly???

Thank you so much for the feedback. Yeah I'm new to the engine, so I'm learning to optimize the game. I will continue to polish it up!

Thanks :)